Blesser Nights

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By Picasso's Colours.

*The First Blessing*
It is a Sunday. I am leaving tomorrow morning.I am leaving behind the slow and enchanting pace of rural Kimberly. I am heading to the City of Lights,the City of gold,the city of brightly lit possibilities...I am heading to WITS university.

I am worried about leaving.My mother,Monica,and my two siblings,a brother,Thabang, who quit school to help my mother raise money to run the household and so I can attend school,and a younger sister who is wayward and still in primary school.I am worried that I am leaving them to the claws of poverty,while I am going to the land of Milk and honey.

My mother gathers my clothes into her rustic and time-abused suitcase-Her only sendoff gift.That,and the warm hugs she administers every time we bump into each other in the four roomed house,as we look for pieces of my clothes to feed to the rustic suitcase resting on the bed.

As she looks for shoes that she can donate for me,her Sunday's best,I catch her teary and red-eyed.I approach her to find out what could be the cause,she finally breaks down in tears,gushes,rainfall,waterfall,big ocean-forming rivulets of tear...She tells me,in a sob,just how proud she is.There's a woman who sacrificed her time for me to pass grade 12 with no major setbacks,in a torn dress,telling me she's proud...She always said it before,but never with trembling lips,and a quivering voice...She is really proud of me.I may offer a way out of poverty,after all.

Watch out for the Second blessing tomorrow.To see how Lerato finds her first day In Johannesburg.

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17 Apr 2017

Where is da blessing kamt

23 Feb 2017

Cnt wait

19 Feb 2017

Can't wait for Episode 2...