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Please ensure that you carefully and thoroughly read the user agreement before making use of our website.

All the user agreements, privacy policies, and conditions of use are stipulated below to ensure authors and users are fairly treated and protected from any misconduct, furthermore to ensure all users and authors comply with the standards and rules of the Site.

1. Your Acceptance and Compliance

1.1. By using the Site, you fully accept and agree to the terms and conditions
stated in this documentation. If you do not agree to abide by the terms and
conditions set out in this documentation, please do not continue using the

1.2. You agree and acknowledge that the guidelines in this document applies to
any content and information published by the Site and other authors.

1.3. You are made aware that for every book you (the author) publish in the
premium section, a fee estimated at 30% will be deducted as per book.

2. Copyrights

2.1. The Books published on the Site are strictly materials belonging to their
rightful authors and therefore are exclusive properties of Gamalami. This
translates and concludes that books made available on the Site are
protected and restricted from external use by other third party websites.
All other content on the Site (logos, images, text, and graphics) are that of
Gamalami, unless we permit and grant usage of a particular section under
this or any agreement with Gamalami.

2.2. We forbid any author from falsifying information and publishing books
which they do not have direct ownership of. Authors are independently liable
and will be held responsible for unauthorized use of a specific book.
Should any author disregard and violate the copyright infringement Act no.
98 of 1978, they will be subject to the following:

2.2.1. termination of account with membership and permanently
disallowed from using the Site.

2.2.2. possible penalty fine from the South African High Court.

2.3. No portion of this Site may be altered or replicated by any means for
beneficial purposes as we prohibit it.

2.4. Upon using the Site, you fully agree that if you breach or fail to comply
with the terms and conditions of this user agreement. Gamalami will take
legal action against you, to claim for any damages which may involve claim
for defamation, consequential damages to the Site, and loss of profit.

2.5. Nothing on this Site should be considered as granting any license to use any
trademark without written permission from Gamalami.

2.6. The books on our Site are published by users (who in this case are referred
to as authors) and we cannot constantly monitor or review the books.
Should it be that you suspect any malicious, discriminatory, and plagiarism,
please do gladly contact us by sending an email to setlale@yahoo.com.

3. Changes to this User Agreement

3.1. Gamalami reserves the right to modify and restructure the terms and
conditions in the future, to meet legislative requirements and protect the Site
and its users. Changes will be implemented with immediate effect and by
such, we advice you to review the terms and conditions from time to time, as
to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion from both parties.

3.2. The changes may not necessarily mean the current terms and conditions do
not apply, they will remain applicable whenever you access the Site.

4. Privacy Policy

Privacy is our main concern and we pride ourselves to keeping your personal
information as confidential as possible. Should you feel the need to withdraw
your personal information from the Site, please contact us immediately and we
will gladly cooperate and address the problem.

4.1. Gamalami will not disclose your personal information to other third parties,
unless you give us permission in writing authorizing Gamalami to disclose it.

4.2. Your personal information will be collected the moment you complete and fill
out the necessary requirements contained in the registration form on the Site.
Your personal information will go through a variety of procedures to ensure
that it is legitimate and meets satisfactory needs, thereafter your account will
be verified.

4.3. Gamalami requires your personal information to ensure we are able to contact
you and handle your requests/queries. Your information may also be used to
perform research which will analyze what pages visitors access more,
number of visits on the Site, and average amount of time spent on the Site.
This analysis will assist us improve our quality standards along with security

4.4. Should we be requested by law enforcement authorities or court of law, to
disclose your personal information, we will do as instructed to avoid any
implications and charges brought forth by The High Court of South Africa.

As far as security, integrity of information, and confidentiality measures are
concerned. We have implemented secure encryption technology registered with
Payfast for capturing and receiving your accounts details and other sensitive
information provided by you. To reiterate our commitment in securing your
personal information, we advice you to please and kindly visit www.payfast.co.za
for further clarity and validity.

5. Your User Account

5.1. It is your responsibility to keep your user login details (such as your
username, email, and password) confidential and not permitting other people
to use it on your behalf. Should any misconduct or changes to your account
in any instance occur, you will be held fully accountable and responsible for
any negligence.

5.2. We are not inclined to provide other people's personal information to another
user, who may want to view and manipulate it for any other reason.

5.3. If you want to modify your account or upload a new profile picture, you can
use the settings hyperlink situated at the bottom of the menu page.

6. Disclaimer

As much as we intend to offer the best and reliable services which include
providing legitimate and fair structured content and information. We are however
not responsible for any special damages and so-forth.

6.1. This Site and the content, information, and material made available on it, are
provided on an "as is" and and "as available" basis without any guarantees of
any kind, if not specified otherwise.

6.2. Gamalami will not assume any responsibilities or accountability as such,for
any omissions, errors, failures and interruptions in the delivery of any content
within the Site which may occur during your use of our Site.

6.2. Gamalami does not guarantee that the content, books, and information on
the Site is immune or free from harmful viruses or malicious components. In
no event shall Gamalami be held liable for any incidental damages, direct,
indirect, consequential, punitive or any damages whatsoever.

6.3. We are not responsible for your reliance on any of the content and information
that you obtain from the Site. In as far as the law allows, if we should suspect
any illegal conduct which may pose a threat to the Site. We will deny you
access from any of our services offered on the Site.